Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hi from Paradise!

Dear Family,
What a crazy week! It just feels like a blur. I am all well and settled in my new area with Sister Cook. We are living in an apartment in a busy part of Vegas, about 10 minutes from the strip. There are SO many more people in Vegas than Havasu, and hallelujah for street lights here! It makes the nighttime hours so much easier on us. I am so excited to be here. I feel like there's so much work to do and so many more opportunities to find new people to teach. Many of the people here are living in pretty humble conditions, so most are very open and receptive to us. Of course that makes everything so much more rewarding and exciting and motivating. We are teaching a few families right now, but I really feel we can find more. I feel an added drive to make things happen and to see miracles.
Sister Sidney Cook is so sweet. The beginning of the week was a little rough when I first got here because she was down with a terrible cold - she had this horrendous cough that wouldn't go away, so the first few days I was here she rested in bed all day until dinner. I wasn't sure what to do because I've never had to stay inside yet on my mission... so I unpacked, organized, studied, snacked, and studied some more. We were convinced she had bronchitis, but after trying a few cough/cold medicines, its finally started to die down. Sister Cook is very bubbly and outgoing and loves to laugh. She has this tiny little voice that sounds like a Disney character (she could definitely work at Disney World as Princess Belle or something).  I think we will work well together.
The ward here is nice and humble. Our bishop, Bishop Nihipali, is Hawaiin, works as head football coach at the high school, and knows Brother Kalauli from the Crossman Peak ward! So obviously I've taken a liking to him. Our ward mission leader is a convert of 5 years and is so excited about making things happen in this area. I'm excited about him! 
I love y'all so much!!! Wish I had more time!
With love,
Sister Robinson

Note from Summer: Lindsey obviously has a new address now because she has moved to Vegas. Please leave your email in the comments if you would like me to send you her updated address. Thanks!