Monday, March 30, 2015

Baptisms and investigators

Dear Family,

Oh, it was a great week! I love when this point in a transfer rolls around, because it's about the time that I start to feel settled and adjusted in an area, which seems to make everything go more smoothly. We had an awesome baptism on Saturday for Nancy Haase. She fell right into our laps about a week into the transfer. She'd been taught by elders in the West Mission beginning early December, and they had her set for baptism, but she was unable to meet her date because she had a male roommate (they weren't in a relationship, but that was her living situation at the time). So she moved just down the road, but right over into our mission, and she was pretty much all ready to be baptized! In our first meeting with her, we went over the baptismal interview questions, and set her for the following Saturday. It was kinda chaotic getting everything settled, introducing her to the ward, and planning the baptism on such short notice, but we finished teaching her the last few lessons, contacted the elders who'd taught her before (it was funny getting her teaching record from them, since we're not supposed to leave our mission... so we met them at a corner gas station that divided our areas and they passed it over to us, haha!), and made the arrangements for her baptism. It was a great service, and she was so excited to become a member! She is very outgoing and friendly, so she adjusted well in the ward. And Pelican Creek ward is a great ward for fellowshipping, so she's in good hands.