Thursday, June 19, 2014

MTC, Week One

Dear Family,

Oh my, I have been looking forward to writing you all week! I have so much to say! So where to begin? This week has been probably the most mentally exhausting week of my life. The MTC is so incredibly structured and scheduled. Mom what you heard is right... we get dropped off at the MTC, put our bags in our room, and get to work! It was a bit overwhelming at first. My district is wonderful. We have 4 elders and 4 sisters, all of us going to LV except one elder who is going to Louisville, Kentucky with another district of elders in our zone. They're all awesome and I'm sad we won't be serving our missions with them as well. My companion is Sister Browning, from Rigby, Idaho. She is tall, with a ballerina body, and curly curly brown hair (like Taylor Swift in her beginning days). She is quiet and sweet and we work very well together. The other two sisters in our district are Sister Unsted and Sister Bell. Sister Unsted is from Dallas and she is just full of knowledge and super excited to be on a mission. Sister Bell is so incredibly enthusiastic all the time! Sister Browning describes her as "eager", which is a perfect way to put it. Sister U and B are a perfect companionship. I know that our assignments as companionships were inspired.

At the end of Day 3. We were exhausted. The other sisters in our zone (who left yesterday for Pocatello, ID) took this of us. From left to right: Sister Bell, Sister Unsted, Sister Browning, and I.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Missionary Training Center

Hello! This is Summer, Lindsey's sister. While Lindsey is on her mission, I will be maintaining this blog for her. As she writes home to the family, I will post her letters and stories right here to share with ya'll. 

Today, Lindsey reported to the Missionary Training Center (MTC). She will spend a few weeks there studying and learning about Gospel principles and teaching patterns before making her way out to Nevada. She was a little bit nervous in the hours leading up to her departure, but she also had a calm confidence about her. I am so impressed by her faith, her commitment to the Lord, and her willingness to live according to the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit. 

Thanks for supporting her and being a part of her journey. We're grateful you're here!