Monday, September 7, 2015

Hey Family, 

The time is passing so quickly. September already! I'm grateful for the fall rolling in and the temperatures dropping... Oh how I enjoy these temps below 100! Sounds like school scheduling is coming in full swing. I was laughing with Sister Smith that the people who were freshman when I was a senior are now seniors! I guess that means I'm getting old haha! 

Kari's baptism on Tuesday was awesome. So many from the ward showed up! Before the service was over, she had her 6 mo old little one get blessed too. It was really special for Sister Smith, as she feels it may have been her last baptism. I wish I could send pictures, but the place we normally email is closed for Labor Day so I'm just writing from my iPad, and I only have the pictures on my camera. I also got to go back to Paradise for my investigator Harold's baptism. Remember him? We met him in one of our complexes back in December. Well, I guess I should say we actually met his girlfriend he was living with at the time, Angel. She's in her mid 50s and he's 70. It was the strangest situation because she is this sassy black lady and had so many health issues that it was impossible to teach her (she was on 20 different medications so her mind was never in a state to really grasp what we taught), and he's this gentle white old man who had a stroke a few years ago and no longer has control over the right side of his body. Not your typical couple. We initially started teaching her, but he sat in the lessons and kept all the commitments better than her. After the 2 transfers I spent there (December-February), he was ready to be baptized. The problem was that he was actually still married to a woman he'd separated from years before in Chicago, so he had to either get a divorce and marry Angel, or move out. But he couldn't live on his own given his health condition. So anyways, to make a long story short, I just got word a few weeks ago that he finally moved out and was ready for baptism. It was the best news ever. The baptism was small and held in one of the oldest chapels in the valley, but it was one of my favorites on my mission by far. Harold was so happy :)

Sorry for the short update this week. I don't have the time I wish I had! 

I love you, 
Sister Robinson

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