Monday, March 30, 2015

Baptisms and investigators

Dear Family,

Oh, it was a great week! I love when this point in a transfer rolls around, because it's about the time that I start to feel settled and adjusted in an area, which seems to make everything go more smoothly. We had an awesome baptism on Saturday for Nancy Haase. She fell right into our laps about a week into the transfer. She'd been taught by elders in the West Mission beginning early December, and they had her set for baptism, but she was unable to meet her date because she had a male roommate (they weren't in a relationship, but that was her living situation at the time). So she moved just down the road, but right over into our mission, and she was pretty much all ready to be baptized! In our first meeting with her, we went over the baptismal interview questions, and set her for the following Saturday. It was kinda chaotic getting everything settled, introducing her to the ward, and planning the baptism on such short notice, but we finished teaching her the last few lessons, contacted the elders who'd taught her before (it was funny getting her teaching record from them, since we're not supposed to leave our mission... so we met them at a corner gas station that divided our areas and they passed it over to us, haha!), and made the arrangements for her baptism. It was a great service, and she was so excited to become a member! She is very outgoing and friendly, so she adjusted well in the ward. And Pelican Creek ward is a great ward for fellowshipping, so she's in good hands. 

Janet Ross is our other really solid investigator in Pelican Creek. She is in her 60's and has been meeting with the missionaries for about 6 weeks or so. She is a missionary miracle. She got introduced to the church by another member in Vegas. The member had accidentally hit her (Janet's) car in a parking lot, and didn't have time to stick around to exchange information, so she left a note and her phone number for Janet to call later. Janet was so impressed by this woman's integrity, and her willingness to pay for all the damage, that she said something to this effect: "I have never met someone with so much integrity! There aren't very many people like you around anymore! Are you religious? Do you attend a church around here? I am so impressed with your morals and character!" Of course this lady jumped right on the opportunity to share some of her beliefs, so she wrote Janet a letter with her testimony, and put it in a Book of Mormon for the missionaries to bring over. So that's where Sister Cook and Sister Morceli come in! And she has been golden ever since. We meet with her on average probably 3 times a week, and last week was her first Sunday to come to church. She LOVED it. She says she's never felt so welcome and loved by people before, and she always cries when she talks about how much she loves the missionaries. She was tentatively set for April 11th, but she's praying about it some more - she wants a more sure confirmation. So keep her in your prayers! Her biggest barrier from getting baptized in quitting smoking. 

We're also teaching a new couple - Madelyn and David - who came to us as a referral from some other sisters in our zone. In our first meeting with them, we could tell something was a little off, but we couldn't quite put our finger on it. In the next lesson they told us that they both have some mental development delays, so they're slightly handicapped, but independent enough to live on to be married and live on their own. We were hesitant to keep teaching them for that reason (we weren't sure if that was against mission policy), but we were sad to just drop them because they are so nice, and the spirit is very tender in our lessons with them. It's always as if we're teaching innocent, young children. President Snow said it should be fine to teach them, so we're moving forward with the lessons. They have readily accepted everything we teach, and came to church the first sunday we invited them! Sister Holly (a sister in the ward), has a handicap daughter, so we bring her to the lessons, and she's perfect for Madelyn and David. I already love them so much! 

We had President Snow come speak in Hidden Canyon ward this week, and then in the 3rd hour of church, we taught a lesson on missionary work to the youth, and then went into the 5th sunday combined lesson for the adults and role-played for them how to give away a Book of Mormon. Our ward mission leader, Brother McMillan, gave a powerful lesson on missionary work to the adults, and then gave them each a Book of Mormon to give away. Missionary work has been struggling in that ward for years, but we think it was a perfect Sunday to give everyone some extra insight and inspiration to reach and participate in the work. I am really excited to see some changes around here! 

President interviews were this week. I always love meeting with President and Sister Snow. They really have become like another set of grandparents. One of my favorite things about serving in-valley is that I get to see them so much more! 

What did you think of the Women's General Broadcast this week? I loved it. The older I get, the more I feel I appreciate the messages shared. Sister Stephens' was my favorite. 

"'Sister Stephens, you just don’t understand!' And I answer that you may be right. I don’t completely understand your challenges. But through my personal tests and trials—the ones that have brought me to my knees—I’ve become well acquainted with the one who does understand—He who was ‘acquainted with grief,’ who experienced all and understands all.
“Sisters, we belong; we are loved; we are needed; we have a divine purpose, work, place, and role in the Church and kingdom of God and in His eternal family. Do you know deep in your heart that your Heavenly Father loves you and desires you and those you love to be with Him? Just as ‘Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ are perfect … , their hopes for us are perfect’ (“Let Us Think Straight,” BYU Education Week, August 2013). Their plan for us is perfect, and Their promises are sure.”
I am so excited for General Conference this weekend. It is my favorite weekend of the year!!
I love you so much. Have a wonderful week!

Love, Sister Robinson

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