Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Change is coming

Dear Momma,

Oh I have so much news for you! First, transfers are tomorrow! We got word about who would be going where on Saturday - we were on the edge of our seats all day until we finally got the call from our District Leader... Sister Cook is getting transferred out of Lake Havasu to the El Dorado Stake in Boulder City - exactly where she was wanting to go! And I am staying in Havasu and training, which means 3 more months here. Can you believe it - a whole 6 months in Havasu! We're driving down to Vegas tomorrow to meet and stay with Sister Cook's new companion, Sister Bohling. I'll stay with them for the night, then pick up the new sister on Wednesday. We'll stay one more night in Boulder City with Sister Cook and Sister Bohling, go to 12-Week training on Thursday morning, then pack up and head back to Lake Havasu. I feel very anxious about the change, but also excited for the growth that I am sure these next few transfers will bring. It's hard for me to wrap my head around training a brand new sister at this point, because I still feel pretty brand new myself. There's still so much I have to learn about missionary work, and I feel sure that training will be, above all else, a HUGE learning experience. I already feel like I am being completely broken down to become completely dependent on our Heavenly Father for guidance and support. Please pray for us as we begin this new chapter of our service! I am excited to fill you in on the change more next week. 

As for how the week went, it was pretty melancholy for me. I just feel so sad about leaving Sister Cook and the familiarity of working alongside her day in and day out. The ward is particularly sad to see her go, but it will be hardest for me. I just feel like I've had it so easy with her as my companion - I've been pretty spoiled - so I'm nervous to see how this next companionship goes. Regardless of what happens, I will (and already do) feel so much love for the new sister coming in. We will learn and grow so much together, and I know she'll have just as much, if not more, to teach me as I have to teach her! 

Since Sister Cook and I have birthdays just 3 days apart, and we won't be together to celebrate, we decided to have a little party at the Hauck's before Sister Cook leaves. It was supposed to be small, but ended up being a pretty big get-together (about 25-30 people). It was really special to have so many people that have become so dear to us all in one place! The Haucks, the Mundys, the Kalaulis, Bishop and Sister Hansen, the Nelsons, Sister Cawthra, and even one of our investigators, Mikey, and his 5-year-old daughter Olivia (they also happen to live right next door to the Mundys in the same duplex! Perfect fellowshipping). We had pie, cobbler, brownies, cupcakes, and rice krispy treats...  YUM! We felt so blessed. Being a missionary is so rewarding. 
One thing Bishop Hansen has really pushed for in our ward missionary work is having ward dinners. He's made it a point to put a Brother in charge of arranging a dinner in a member's home at least once a week. So, when a new family moves in, or there's a serious investigator who needs more fellowshipping, members will hold a dinner. "We need to get these people in our homes," Bishop always says. "Dinners can solve a lot of problems. Remember, social conversion is important, just as spiritual conversion is." So much of what happens on my mission, I draw back to home. I always think about how what I'm learning can be applied to my own family. As I was at the Hauck's last night, i thought of how much missionary work has been done in the Crossman Peak ward because of the fellowshipping and love of the members, and I realized that these members are just like the ones in the Leon Springs ward at home... loving, humble, kind, welcoming. Who is the ward mission leader in the ward? I can see Dad serving in that calling. I can see us having dinners in our home and being major contributors to ward mission efforts. I hope y'all are taking seriously my requests to get more involved in missionary work... there is so much to do and the blessings are truly worth any cost! 
The baptism on Saturday went well. It was a special experience having Kathy baptized. Nancy (Kathy's sister) and Roxanne (their good friend, who's also a recent convert) gave the talks, and I played the piano throughout the service (what a blessing that i know how... I didn't realize how useful it would be!).  

This coming week will be a crazy one, but change is good and I'm looking forward to working hard with the new sister! Can't wait to hear from you again - I love you!!!
Love always,
Sister Robinson

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