Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Getting Settled in Havasu

Dear Family,
Wow! Your 4th of July celebrations sound like so much fun!!! I love the pictures you sent. Our family is cute.  Sister Cook has never really celebrated the 4th of July, so when I told her all about my experiences with it growing up she was like, "Wow, people actually do all that??" Crazy to think some people don't even leave their homes on the 4th - much less play games, BBQ, and go watch fireworks! I am so grateful that we've made such fun traditions on Independence Day.

I am finally feeling settled out here and getting the hang of things. It's interesting - Sister Cook and I have realized this week that HER strengths are MY weaknesses, and MY strengths are HER weaknesses. She does an excellent job of meeting people and boldly stating, "We're missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! We go around uplifting people's faith in Christ..." I struggle with that; I'm not exactly sure why. She struggles with teaching the lessons and doctrine; that's where I feel the most confident. It's like she gets us in the door and once we're comfortable, I take it from there - perfect teamwork, haha. It's great because we learn so much from each other.

Sister Cook and I have been eating sooo well. We prepare our own breakfasts and lunches each day, and I've been showing her some of my favorite meals to prepare. We make omelets, egg sandwiches, wraps, oatmeal, snack plates of cheese and crackers and veggies, quinoa and potatoes... all kinds of delicious foods. The other afternoon as we sat down to eat she said, "Seriously Sister I have been missing out. This is so good. You are changing my life!" It sure made me feel good to hear her say that! We also love to get in good workouts in the morning and she jokes that I'm her personal trainer, haha. And like I said, she's a cosmetologist, so she teaches me all her beauty tricks. We're having fun together :)
We see miracles every day. I'm always so frustrated that I have such limited time to tell you all about them! I'm out of time, but thank you so much for the detailed letters.
I think of and pray for you everyday! Have a wonderful week!!!

With love,
Sister Robinson

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